Why Hollywood Actors are Flocking to the Small Screen

When you get home and turn your television on you will hardly be surprised if major film actors appear on the screen. Over the past decade many Hollywood actors have decided to broaden their careers and perform in all manner of TV programs. These can range from epic series, to sitcoms and one off appearances. In the past this would have been thought as film actors lowering their standards and quite demeaning, as television is not perceived as a serious acting medium to appear on. So why is this suddenly happening?

The Rise in TV Quality

There is no doubt that the quality of material that is shown on television has definitely improved. In the past the programs on TV were almost to justify the adverts being aired every ten minutes. As the commercial television stations vied for advertising revenue the quality of programs suffered greatly as they were a secondary issue. However, the light bulb has been well and truly switched on in producers’ heads. They now realize that quality programs attract audiences and advertisers and bring more revenue into the TV station.
Writers, directors and actors from the film industry have all been seduced into the small screen land. And now TV programs are made to high standards with really serious themes and scripts. As directors and producers have moved over to the small screen, they have enticed their favorite Hollywood stars to join them and make sure their television program attracts as bigger an audience as possible.

Guaranteed Work

Even the most famous film actors have lean times when they are not given parts in major films. After all there are so many great actors competing for relatively few serious roles. This makes it a tough life to survive on their past successes even though they may have made enough money to survive for years. Many famous out of work actors are inundated with scripts that are well below par and are pressurized by their agents to accept B class roles to survive.

This is a dilemma that many actors face in their careers, to accept lesser quality roles to keep working. The biggest danger with this is not just the lack of work but getting type-casted into a certain type of role. Be it a gangster, cowboy or comedian. And when this happens the opportunities are even more restricted.

Modern Audiences

Going back to the Golden Age of cinema the only way audiences could enjoy seeing their favorite actors performing was to head down to their local cinema. Obviously as time has progressed television and other mediums of entertainment have become mainstream. Now audiences do not have to even leave their homes to receive entertainment, and in many cases their portable phones are sufficient. This is because the viewers have busier lifestyles than they used to and have less time on their hands. So, to watch film stars at home in TV programs is a really popular pastime. This is not saying cinema is dead by any stretch of the imagination, just that television is now a real credible alternative.

Written by: Jamie