Where to See Plays in England

England in renowned as being the birthplace of some of the best play writers like William Shakespeare. This country has a very long history of plays and there are many schools and universities that have theater as the main extracurricular activity. You will also find countless theater festivals all around the country, celebrating this amazing art. Many tourists want to have a taste of the quality English theater, but choosing the right place to go for a play can be quite challenging, especially if you are visiting the country for the first time. We have listed some of the best theaters and venues where you can have a taste of the renowned English theater.

London Theater

The London Theater is probably the most common place to go. It has countless plays all around the year and you will probably find one to suit your taste. The variety of plays is huge, and they often invite actors from abroad to perform on their stage. This theater has a very long history and the management likes to keep the quality standards very high. They also feature many musicals that you can spectate. They have a huge list of plays from which you can choose and there are many family friendly plays that transform going to the theater into a family activity.


Theater festivals are very common in England and you will find many all across the country. Going to such a festival can be a touristic activity itself because you will manage to see the English culture at its finest. The themes of these festivals are very varied, and you will be able to find from classic theater to modern interpretations.

In Between Time is a famous festival that takes place in Bristol every February. This festival is suitable for adults and there are countless stages where you will see some of the most interesting artists perform. The prices are quite low, and you can transform this festival into a whole vacation.

High Tide

High Tide is another cool festival to attend if you are curious about the new plays. It takes place in Halesworth every April. It is the perfect spot to find people that are into theater and also many art critics. You will be able to see what is new in this market and you will definitely be inspired.


Spark Festival is the perfect place to go if you want to introduce your children in the theater world. It takes place every May in Leicester. The target group of this festival are children and the organizing committee prepared many activities for them. You will be able to transform this visit into a full vacation.

Many universities have their own theater festivals, usually around summer. You will also be able to find many university film festivals, especially in the big cities that have an art faculty. It is a good chance to see the future artists perform. There are many universities that like to have their own interpretation of the classic plays.

Written by: Jamie