What Are the BAFTAs

There are plenty of award ceremonies that go on nowadays but today we will be talking about one in particular: The BAFTAs. BAFTA stands for British Academy of Film and Television Awards and they have actually been around for quite a while now.

It all began on April 16, 1947, where a group of the most respected people in the film industry gathered together in a room at the Hyde Park Hotel, including the film director, David Lean who got appointed as Chairman. In that room, they all agreed on why they wanted to create such a foundation and that was “to recognize those who had contributed outstanding creative work towards the advancement of British film”, in other words, giving them the credit and recognition they deserved, and showing their gratitude towards the contribution they made to the film industry.

Seventy years later, they are still going on. The BAFTAs is not only an event to award some of the most talented artists in the UK, US, and Asia, but it also is a charity program that dedicates to supporting and helping people develop their talents in art in the form of moving image, such as television, film, and games.

Throughout the year though, they host international events, masterclasses, courses, mentorships and lectures in order to help out talented practitioners and bringing inspiration to the public.  They also offer a £12,000 scholarship to those who economically, cannot afford such a class. Clearly, we can see that their main purpose throughout all these years have not change and that is, to inspire. This is what they say about their program, which you can find on their official website.

“Our vision is a world where everyone’s life is culturally and creatively enriched through excellent work in film, games and television. Our mission is to bring the very best work in film, games and television to public attention, and support the growth of creative talent in the UK and internationally. We do this by identifying and celebrating excellence, discovering, inspiring and nurturing new talent, and enabling learning and creative collaboration.”

The charitable program does not get its funding from the government at all. Rather, their funds come from subscriptions, foundations, partnerships, and so forth. And now, speaking of the award-winning part. Usually, one that wins a BAFTA is because their work has been the best kind that has been seen on screen in the previous year. To actually get nominated for one of these, however, its first public display must be shown in a movie theatre and it needs to have a UK theatrical release for at least seven days.

This academy is currently an organization of seven thousand, five hundred members, whose president is Prince William and has been president since the year 2010. So yes, they do get to have royalty help them out. And actually, in 1976, when they re-located their headquarters and at the inauguration, The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, Princess Anne and the Earl Mountbatten of Burma attended, officially making the BAFTAs known and entering into the nation’s vocabulary.


Written by: Jamie