How to Make A Short Film That Producers Will Love

As new platforms to showcase your filmmaking skills have emerged due to advanced technology, it has also made it difficult for newcomers to come up with something standout. Short films have been around for a long time, but with the rise of digital media, short films are now more in demand than ever. People don’t want to sit for an hour or two to watch something; they want something quick and entertaining. Short films are perfect for today’s generation. But whenever something is in trend, there’s always a fierce competition. To stand out from the crowd, you’ve to focus on every aspect of the short film. There are still these small differences that make a winner different from the loser.


If you want producers to love your short story, you’ve to focus on essential things of writing. Firstly, equip yourself with the knowledge of your genre. Research about the kind of story you’re thinking of writing. Research is the most crucial part of any project. You should try and find some short films which fall in the same category as your story. Watch those films and study them extensively. Try to find the small things which make those films so enjoyable. Note down those points and outline.

Stay on your concept

Short films don’t allow you the liberty to take your time and settle your story slowly. You’ve to get to the main point of the story quickly. So, always know the base of your story and stick to it. You can’t afford to diverge from the concept of the story as there is no time to recover. Once the audience loses interest, they stop watching the film as they have too many options nowadays. The same thing goes with the producers. So, try to stay on your central concept as long as possible.

Be original

With all the inspirations and suggestions around you, there’s still room for originality. Try to come up with something that stirs something inside the people watching it. You can’t change the usual set up of the stories, but you can still twist them around in a new way. You can come up with new and innovative ways of storytelling. Something fresh is always better, especially the producers like new ideas.

Low budget

The script of your short film should be your strength, not the fancy locations and props. This message is even more appropriate for new filmmakers who are struggling to find a producer. A producer would also go for the low-cost film than putting their money on something costly. So, if you can set the whole movie in one city, do it. More locations mean more traveling, which automatically translates into more money. For the first film, try to do with the bare minimum. Short films are intended to be quick. Less time means less money and more viewers. It is usual for people to click on something which shorter in comparison to a film which is on the longer side. It also gives you a better opportunity to get your film screened in film festivals. Anything under 10 minutes is the perfect duration for short films.

Written by: Jamie