How Independent Directors Get Their Movies on Netflix

Nowadays, there are many ways in which viewers can enjoy a good movie. There are the tried and tested methods of using the television to browse movies on cable with channels like HBO, Cinemax, and Fox Films. Although, the traditional DVD and accompanying players are losing its popularity due to the rise of online streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon. With the extensive reach of the internet and the popularity of mobile devices, more and more people are switching to this option.

Among all the streaming services, Netflix seems to be the most popular option for the majority of subscribers. In the same way, for independent filmmakers who are trying to showcase their films on a platform that can reach as many viewers as possible, targeting Netflix may be a strategic choice. However, there are several ways that indie filmmakers can use to get their films a chance to be shown on Netflix.

Prioritize Getting the Film into the Netflix Database

The first step will be to get your independent film to be included in the Netflix database. Unfortunately, this step is not as easy as emailing someone from Netflix to put your movie on their website, and indie filmmakers will have very little control or assurance in this step. It is the Netflix executives who decide which among the long list of movies being considered for the conclusion will actually be put in the database. Having fantastic content in your film will probably give you a better chance than others.

Consider an Independent Film Distributor

Having a personal contact in Netflix is a great way to have your indie film consider, but since the case of this is pretty slim for most people, independent filmmakers can try out other inroads that third-party film distributors can give. However, they present a tough challenge as the DVD industry barely makes it against online streaming services. Since the following in self-made movies are also slim, the companies will be hard to convince to take a chance on an indie film.

Work on Getting a Following for your Film

Aside from relying on independent film distributors, another way to have a chance to get your film included in the database is by using the Netflix queue. For this method, you will need the help of all your friends, family, and fanbase. All of the people who love and support the film can put a request for the movie in their respective Netflix queue. This shows the executives at Netflix that there really is a demand and a dedicated audience for your independent film.

Invest in Other Ways to Increase your Chances

Other than the methods suggested above, there are also different ways that you can work on so that Netflix, or other streaming services, can notice and consider your independent film. Aside from the queueing demand, indie filmmakers can create an excellent reputation for their film by scoring a listing on the IMDB website. Getting featured in a YouTube video or a media blog which can provide excellent media coverage can get your film more attention. Lastly, a top rating on trusted review sites like Rotten Tomatoes can grant recognition and legitimacy to an indie film.

Written by: Jamie