Hollywood Loves The British Actors

Recently, this thing has been highly noticed by the audience, and it seems like actors from the United Kingdom are more popular in Hollywood now than they have ever been before. It would be difficult to find a movie or TV show that would not be dominated by actors from Great Britain. Now, the talents from this island literally swamp Hollywood but this is not a new trend. Numerous stars from Europe including actors from England, Scotland, and Wales have been shaking the so-called dream factory. Just think about Christopher Lee, Alec Guinness, Charles Chaplin, Stan Laurel, Richard Burton, Anthony Hopkins, Judi Dench, Helen Mirren, Sean Connery, and Julie Andrews. Since the emergence of the golden age of TV shows, it seems that no escape is possible, and there are several reasons for this.

The British actors are winning against the American colleagues when it comes to filling the best roles. Both Henry Cavil, the current Superman, and Christian Bale, the best Batman so far, come from the United Kingdom. The most famous villain from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Loki who was performed by Tom Hiddleston, another famous British actor. They all are playing the first violin in the United States, but why this is happening?

Flexible And Cheap

The most straightforward reason is, of course, globalization. A few generations grew up with American films and TV series in the United Kingdom, so the future actors easily learned how to imitate the American accent successfully. It worked perfectly. English actors sound very true to the original in American roles, while in the opposite case that ends up as a disaster usually. The question of money is also undoubtedly essential for movie-makers. The budgets of the major films and TV series continue to rise rapidly because the producers do not want to put big amounts of money into the engagement of their actors. British actors have been cheaper for many years. That has changed, but the offspring never seem to dry up on the island. Numerous well-known stars such as Benedict Cumberbatch have made a great career in the USA.

The Benefits of Hard Trainings

Another important reason why British actors are so popular is their excellent education. English drama schools are considered as one of the best in the world. The British film and TV market are significantly smaller than in the USA, as a result, many actors have to play at theatres regularly. This hard training forms the individual strengths and turns beginners into great professionals. They cannot adopt any pretensions at all and act on an equal footing with their colleagues. This discipline makes them great talents in Hollywood. They are known as professionals because they behave differently and act differently. Many great careers have shown that Britain has a lot of great talents. Therefore, most Hollywood agents do not want to oversleep the current trend and they are looking for more British actors to make them future stars of Hollywood.

Written by: Jamie