Greatest Short Films of All Time

There are many great short films that you can enjoy, here are a few of the greatest ones to date.



Designed and directed by Tim Burton, and released in 1982, “Vincent” has become one of the most classic short films in history. It talks about a seven-year-old boy, with quite a disturbed mind but, only strives to achieve his one and only dream, and that is to become his number one idol: Vincent Price. Tim burton brilliantly mixes in cute, yet horrific themes in this film, by showing us the tormented imagination of this child, creating a unique perspective for all. However, it is always interrupted by his mother whose face is not revealed.

Geri’s Game

Released in 1997 by Pixar, this five-minute film was the very first short film Pixar ever created, earning it an award for Best Animated Short film in 1998. Geri’s Game arouses curiosity, as it’s about an old man who decides to play chess with himself, or at least that is what we think until half way, the game between both characters becomes aggressive as they both indulge deeply into it.

The Gift

Made in 2010, “The Gift” is a five-minute length film that takes place in a futuristic Moscow. It is about a messenger who needs to deliver some sort of present to a wealthy man but, due to what is contained in the box, chaos arises. This film will keep you quite intrigued throughout the whole thing, and the best part is, it gives you complete freedom to speculate on what actually happens in the film.

La Jetée

La Jetée

This film has probably got to be the most curious one in this entire list. Although a tad bit longer than the previous ones, this short film runs for about twenty-eight minutes, telling a story mainly in still photos. This has definitely got to be my personal favourite on the list. La Jetée is sci-fi themed, and is based off of the life after the World War III, taking place in a post-apocalyptic Paris. Scientists try to use time travel in order to save people from the past during the war to the present/future, the main character encounters several traumas and mind-blowing experiences, resulting in an unexpected ending.

10 Minutes

Winning the award for Best European short film in 2002, 10 Minutes is one of a kind indeed. It portrays the life of a Japanese tourist who is visiting Rome, and, on the other hand, also shows some major drama going on with a Bosnian family at the same time. It does have quite an impact on the viewer, as the shots of the Bosnian family is taking place during the Bosnian War in the city of Sarajevo.

All the films above are worth viewing and despite the short length, they are meaningful in their own unique way. And these are merely a few of some of the greatest short films of all time that should definitely be watched and appreciated.

Written by: Jamie