Great British Directors

A collection of some fantastic film directors from Britain is presented in this write-up. The personalities are not listed in any particular order.

Michael Powell

This director, famous for his exceptional filmography, was born in 1905. What made his works renowned included feats such as his ability to capture the culture of Britain, doggedness in the film industry and employing ingenious techniques in the production of his movies. Though several of Powell’s movies were widely loved, they keep getting more popular as time goes on and are gradually getting to that stage, where they will be rated among most innovative and influential movies released in their time.

This director, just like Carol Reed, started his career as a director by churning out fast films meant for early film production organizations: Within 1931 – 36, he directed a total of twenty-three movies. The period when he got the job as a director of the movie, The Spy in Black, represented a milestone in his directing career. Powell, in partnership with Emeric Pressburger, established a film production company and released some timeless classics (some of which were war films) such as the 49th Parallel, The Life, and Death of Colonel Blimp, A Matter of Life and Death, The Tales of Hoffman, among others. This famous British director died in 1980.

Nicolas Roeg

Born in 1928, Nicolas Roeg started his career as a director with the aim of introducing changes in the movie industry, and with his distinct approach to film-making, he was able to achieve this. This feat remains essential up till today, as his works continue to shape the style of several cinematic innovators in modern times. The Mick Jagger vehicle performance represented Roeg’s first job as a movie director.

After this, his other releases included Walkabout, Don’t Look Now, The Man Who Fell to Earth (a science fiction), Bad Timing, etc. A number of his movies were very successful and made the director, known for his unique visual focus, one of Britain’s most successful directors.  He continues to direct different films up till now.

Terry Gilliam

As a movie director, Gilliam is a visionary. Although he was born in 1949 in the US to British parents, he didn’t spend his early years in Britain. He had his childhood in Minnesota, US, and schooled in California. During the 60s, Terry Gilliam disliked specific developments in this country. This spurred him to relocate to England and took the job of a cartoonist. In his native country, he established new relationships with Eric Idle and John Cleese who are comedians. The trio created the Monty Python comedy group. Gilliam made a notable contribution toward the directing of their most successful project as a troupe. Later on, when the group split, he made some movies such as Trilogy of Imagination (which contains Time Bandits, Brazil as well as The Adventures of Baron of Munchausen) and another trilogy which has movies including Loathing in Las Vegas, Fear and The Fisher King, filmed in the US.

Written by: Jamie