The Birth of Hollywood

Just the mention of Hollywood conjures up vivid images of a world of dreams, an enchanted place of fantastic stories about far-away lands and magical kingdoms. Often referred to as the Silver Screen, Hollywood has taken mere mortals and made them into gods, screen idols that are loved and revered

How to Become Movie Producer

As a movie producer you must have some kind of bachelor’s degree in a field related to the industry, like acting, film or journalism. Experience is a must; if you need it, internship is a best way to get it. Key skills which are required: writing, critical thinking, creativity, monitoring,

The Best Short Films at Cannes 2018

The movie sensations created within explicit work around the competence of showing shorter time recordings resulted them being chosen in the various nominations’ selections. The Palme d’Or, the highest prize granted at the Cannes Film Festival, for Best Short was given to Charles Williams’ marvel “All These Creatures”, filmed on

Top British Actors of Today

When considering what qualifies an actor to be at the top of their game there are several things that could be considered. For the purposes of this article we’ll confine the list to male actors as it will already be a challenge given the incredible talent worthy of consideration.Obviously the

Film Production Companies in LA

Gansmedia This company is into fully fledged video production service that helps film and broadcast markets in handling their studio needs. The company concentrates on every production activity ranging from crew building to delivery. In all media, Gansmedia assists customers in designing engaging content that is innovative and charming.  This

Film Production Companies in the UK

This write-up contains a compilation of some film production companies in the United Kingdom. The firms are not listed in any particular order. Lee Lifting Services Ltd This company was established in 1981 and is well-reputed for offering a mobile crane hire service to film-makers as well TV show producers.

Best Horror Films of All Time

Who doesn’t love a good horror film? There’s nothing better than being scared out of your mind with a bowl of popcorn and comfy blanket. For me, personally, I grew up obsessed with horror films. My favorites are the Michael Myers Halloween Franchise movies. I also love Child’s Play and

Great British Directors

A collection of some fantastic film directors from Britain is presented in this write-up. The personalities are not listed in any particular order. Michael Powell This director, famous for his exceptional filmography, was born in 1905. What made his works renowned included feats such as his ability to capture the


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