Best Short Film Directors

Some of the best directors in the world today, started with making short films. This for many of them was a pivotal point, helping launch their careers as directors to be taken seriously. One of these directors is Benh Zeitlin who in 2008 made the short film Glory at Sea.

Short Animated Movies Worth Watching

Like a good short story, a short movie can convey a powerful message in a short space of time. The visual effects now made possible by a tremendous leap in recent technology means that the combination of ridiculously life like animation and wonderful story concepts can combine effortlessly. The intricacies

What Are the BAFTAs

There are plenty of award ceremonies that go on nowadays but today we will be talking about one in particular: The BAFTAs. BAFTA stands for British Academy of Film and Television Awards and they have actually been around for quite a while now. It all began on April 16, 1947,

Greatest Short Films of All Time

There are many great short films that you can enjoy, here are a few of the greatest ones to date. Vincent Designed and directed by Tim Burton, and released in 1982, “Vincent” has become one of the most classic short films in history. It talks about a seven-year-old boy, with